I am a husband of 37 years, a father of two children, a grandfather of three boys, and the owner of an English Labrador (pictured above), Autumn, and a gray tabby cat, Lexie. I have been in Christian ministry for over thirty-five years. In 2014 I graduated with a Doctor of Ministry degree in Leadership and Spiritual Formation from George Fox University. Later in 2014, I had brain surgery for Essential Tremor. I suffered a brain injury due to the surgery, and I have since been on a medical disability.



I enjoy the study of Scripture and, in particular, the writings of Paul. After almost 40 years, I still study the Greek translation of the Bible, carefully analyzing the tense and mood of verbs. I have found verbs enhance one’s ability to better understand the meaning of Scripture. Paul had a unique understanding of theology, and he shares that in almost half of the New Testament. With the guidance of the Holy Spirit, it was Paul who radically changed my belief system. Therefore, I do not look chiefly to man to interpret Scripture for me.

As a result, I am not promoting a particular denomination. My loyalty is not paid by or inspired by anything earthly. I am a follower of The Way, as Paul referred to it. I fully intend to walk in the Spirit and encourage the experience in others. So, this briefly explains why this blog exists.