The End of Morality As We Know It!

For decades, we have listened to the scientific community tell us we evolved from apes, and many have bought into the theory of evolution. I have literally watched some of my friends and family buy into the myth that there is no God and we live by chance. I take the position that we were created by an all-knowing and all-powerful God who “spoke, and it came into existence; he commanded, and it remained constant” (Ps. 33:9, my paraphrase). Yes, I have faith this is true, just as the atheist has faith in a set of theories. However, I will take it even further, that I have what the atheist or agnostic does not have: personal experience with the Presence of God functioning in my life, miraculously, in a way that no human can comprehend.

It is not my intention to list every reason for belief in a Creator God or to exhaustively refute the theory of evolution. That would certainly require far more than a page or two. I am merely going to suggest there are two complexities for which there is no human explanation. The first complexity is that our position in the universe, to support human and animal life, could not have occurred by accident. If the earth, tilted on its axis, was off by one degree, we would either freeze or burn to death. There are no other planets that are the perfect distance to the Sun to support and sustain life. The second complexity is the human body. Our bodies are composed of 11 basic elements. It is truly remarkable to understand how these chemicals are so vital and could not come together naturally—that is, by accident. Blood clotting is another excellent example of how we could not have simply evolved. For in the process of evolving, we would have bled to death before coagulation would have normalized. It is ludicrous to believe that the human body just came together with all the organs cooperating succinctly! It took an extremely Intelligent Designer to construct the human anatomy in such a way as to live and to thrive. However, there is a bigger reason for Darwinism than just to give us another ideology to debate about.

We are here for such a time as this—in other words, life is in the process of ending as we know it! Canaanite morality is being reconstructed, and it is occurring with hardly any consciousness—even by the Christian community—and certainly not being labeled as such! Recently, National Geographic Magazine published, “Gender Revolution,” and tonight the discussion will be broadcast on the National Geographic Wild channel. The question could be asked, why is there suddenly a gender revolution? The answer is simple, Darwinism. Harvey Mansfield, in his book (“Manliness”) explains that Darwinism set up society for nihilism—the rejection of all religious and moral beliefs—in order to formulate new beliefs and values. We are in a gender revolution because we have been in a religious and moral beliefs revolution. Christianity has been drifting without a paddle, and it has been extremely vulnerable to anything other than religion to explain life and make sense out of it. Science operates on the premise of real and observable facts, although it also popular because it functions by certain assumptions. The most popular assumption is that if I can see it, then it is real—it is known—it is true. For example, here is an assumption: gender “is something we do, not something we inherit” (Kaleidoscope of Gender, p. 7). Who decided that gender is something we do and not what we inherit? From where did that assumption originate? The best answer of science is that it is observable with the naked eye. One of the human arguments is that we are not male and female as God told us. Instead, we are cisgender—a fairly new term—for explaining how we recognize our identity according to our gender by birth. Please, simply because this sounds like nonsense, do not make the mistake of dismissing it? Trust me, there are plenty of people who already believe it, and much of it has already been taught to your children. I suspect it will be fully accepted as fact in another generation.

There’s another reason for the gender revolution, and it is because feminists and gays need it to be believed to promote their brand of ideology. A well-known feminist sociologist attributes masculinity as “problematic” to the feminist and gay causes; and “cultural turbulence around themes of masculinity has grown.” And we have been watching the turbulence on TV every single night! Furthermore, the feminist and gay movements wish to dismantle male power as well as heterosexuality as the norm. As they state, “Gays cannot be free from oppression while heterosexual masculinity remains as it is.” Consequently, if feminists and gays have society buy into the gender revolution, they will feel totally secure. Notice, feminists and gays do not only want us to believe their lifestyle is normal, they want male and female to be understood as abnormal. If you are thinking that is twisted that’s because it is!

Katie Couric will come into some homes tonight as an authority on the gender revolution. She has a bachelor’s degree in American Studies from the University of Virginia. How does that give her credibility and authority on the topic? It doesn’t, although many will believe her, because it will be presented as believable. Science has been using celebrities to promote the liberal ideology for some time now. And most people will believe it because someone with influence is telling them what is allegedly true!

If you thought the United States is messed up now, hang on, because you have not seen anything yet. In the near future, we will see morality turned on its head. There is a very good reason why we have seen Coexist bumper stickers. It is making way for a new future, where no religion answers what is moral. Furthermore, if you think we have seen violence, we have seen nothing yet! An unbelievable wave of violence is coming and will manifest itself in an unbelievable fashion. Why do you think everyone has been buying guns and ammunition? I realize some will say that I am making empty assertions—because I have no scientific evidence for it—oh, but, I do! Some will accuse me of being a conspiracy theorist, although it is based upon nothing more than common sense and realizing it is happening in front of my very eyes. Incidentally, as crazy as it sounds, are those not the observable claims of scientific evidence?

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