Where Do We Go From Here?

The last US Presidential election had the nastiest tone of any in this writer’s memory. Personally, the election caused me to lose focus in my spiritual priorities. Oddly enough, this election had moral and spiritual components, and I was not about to be complacent about it. I am not sure, retrospectively, to what degree I should have been speaking out about the election. I just know that I became obsessed with it and I lost perspective. Really, it’s all about balance, isn’t it? Both of the major party candidates were polarizing characters, and myself and many other American’s were separated into Never ________ camps. Still, many have not accepted the election results. Two news organizations have referred to US as the Divided States of America. It is not the intention of this blog to attempt to enter into this political debate. It’s time to move on, otherwise we remain stuck—deadlocked in our opinions.

This morning I turned on the TV to get a weather update, as the Portland, Oregon area received fresh snow overnight. Generally, any amount of snow shuts the Portland roads down. To my surprise, the weather was not dominating the TV channel. Instead, NBC news was embroiled with the topic of Russian hacking and tampering with the election, and the moderators were speculating how Trump was going to dodge the bullet in his impending news conference. (I have not listened to the news—intentionally—for about a month. I did it for the sake of my health. I thought the Russian accusation was over, but I was mistaken.) There was a strong innuendo on NBC news that the intelligence community had exposed Trump and he was dead in the water. During the news conference, Trump exposed that the Michael Cohen accused of meeting with the Kremlin in Prague was not his attorney—and the passport of his Michael Cohen confirmed he had never been to Prague. When will the witch hunt end? When will we, as American’s, move on? It appears that American politics is so dead in the water that it has to have some on-going soap opera conspiracy! So, where do we go from here?

I’d like to suggest that it is in our best interest to do a 180. I have found from experience that when Jesus is my main focus, everything else pale’s in significance. In Philippians 3:7-14, Paul shares the importance of considering everything worthless for the sake of knowing Christ. He infers that there are things that can interfere with and disrupt our walk with God. Explicitly, Paul did not want anything to interfere with daily dying and the resurrection experience. We are not here to be sidetracked by any issue; instead, we are here to know Him better—to FULLY enter into His death.

We are not called to follow a man, Jesus Christ, and live however we so choose. We are called to die! That’s why Paul said that “I might participate in His sufferings.” Spirit-walking is a life walk through a death experience. Becoming too engaged in political debate does not help me to die to self in order to live and suffer for God. On the contrary, Paul warned Timothy (1 Tim. 6) of entering into needless debates. Timothy was admonished to flee these things and pursue godliness.

I admitted earlier that I became sidetracked by the election. Now, there is THE NEED to regain focus on what really matters. I need to know Christ—intimately—and enter into his sufferings. Suffering doesn’t come easy for me, or anyone else for that matter. I only know that suffering makes me more compassionate, more loving, more Christ-like. I cannot know the power of His resurrection if I am not suffering and dying for Him. I cannot walk in the Spirit if I am not visiting Calvary. I may only know His resurrection life as, by faith, I am dying to sin, the world, and to self. Notice: I can’t even die—no one can! Jesus is the only One who ever did it. That’s why it is by faith, and that’s why it is a walk in the Spirit and not a work of the flesh.


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