New Resolutions

I am assuming by now that most of us have chosen and already initiated working on our new year resolutions. Generally, our resolutions coincide with legitimate, individual, needs. I’d like to suggest a spiritual goal that is applicable to most anyone. Whether you believe in new year resolutions or not, Spirit-walking is a good habit to put into practice any time of the year. My blog is about Spirit-walking, and it is also my suggestion for the new year. Spirit-walking is a mystical experience. It is not something that I will be able to explain in a few paragraphs and neither is it an experience easily understood by the human intellect. This is a faith experience that exceeds the boundaries of the intellect. The Apostle Paul devoted one book—Romans—to explaining how to walk in the Spirit. Spirit-walking is not something that someone may grasp by merely reading the book of Romans. Although Spirit-walking is biblical, it is not a very well-known Christian belief. It was actually abandoned in the first Century A.D., along with many other beliefs. Unfortunately, Christianity, as a whole, has not adopted it again. Instead, some have relegated it to a one-time experience known as “born again.” Spirit-walking begins with being born again, and this is why born again is often referred to as “the new birth.” The new birth is an entry point to walking in the Spirit. It is like a general contractor who begins with the pouring of the foundation—only, the foundation is the initial phase—there is a structure that follows. Anyone who has been born again knows that what comes next is similar to a roller coaster ride (to be explained in another blog). As well, a builder knows the foundation is the easy part; along with the structure comes unexpected encounters. So, I am not merely inviting you to take a thrill-ride but a journey—an unforgettable and unregrettable journey.

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